The purpose of a Customs Administration is to control the flow of goods going in and out of a country. Control can focus on security, taxation or other matters.

Customs Administrations traditionally focus on the financial aspects of the import and export of goods. Import duties may be imposed on certain goods in order to protect the domestic market. Following the events on 9/11, a considerable focus on security was added. Governments now want to know more about the safety and security of the goods entering and leaving their countries. In addition, the old procedures that focused on fiscal aspects had to be changed or amplified to adapt them to the new security requirements. For example, fiscal examination of goods can be done without risk somewhere in the inland of a country, as long as the nature of the goods cannot be influenced, whereas security control of goods always has to be done at the border of a country to prevent dangerous goods entering your territory.

The consultants of Dekkers L.C.S. are happy to advise you regarding the customs planning and management approach. Our customs experts provide you with customs advice in all areas and are able to advise you in any disputes or challenges in the field of customs affairs. Are you currently running your own customs affairs? We would be happy to perform the so called Dekkers Customs Scan together with you. Many satisfied customers are now using our customs arrangements, and the Dekkers customs warehouse. Also the combination of Logistics and customs we are able to offer.

Import duties, excise duties, agricultural levies and VAT are key factors for an internationally operating company. These factors can have a significant financial impact on your company. If you’re just starting with the import and / or export of goods, it takes adjustments to your current company processes. With our knowledge and experience, we’d love to help you properly realize these adjustments, to find the best fitted Solutions.

Bonded warehousing - Customs documents - Customs consultancy - LFR - Transit -  import & export declarations - Assist with applying customs licenses

For every customer, for every business size, we offer a scale of possibilities. Diversification of customs options within our network are putting us in the position to select the best possible customs solution for your challenge.