Richard Dekkers started in Logistics in the year 2006 on the warehouse floor. After multiple educations as Logistics and Customs expert, and same time growing position wise, I became fully responsible for logistics, customs and business relations within a large company. I always had the ambition to start an own company in which I could perform 100% according my business philosophy, and vision. So I took the step and started together with my business partner Danny Dekkers:  operations specialist.

Danny Dekkers started within banking and financial advisor, from which I made the switch to Logistics in the year 2008. I also started on the warehouse floor, and from there build my way up to operations specialist within the same large company. Here we discovered we had exactly the same ideas in how nowadays, and futureproof Logistics, Customs & Solutions should be performed. With the same DNA and ambitions in starting an own company: 1 + 1 = 3.

   Integrity                                           Partnership                                         Performance                                        Innovative                                     Professional

“Performing business; build with solid partnerships, whenever, wherever and whatsoever in the scope of Logistics, Customs & Solutions“